Hot Gf Moans Shakes Her Ass And Fucks

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I climaxed, pushed over the edge by someone’s deft fingers and the warm, salty cum spraying in my throat. He started pulling way back, the head of h...s cock just inside my lips and he slowly coated my tongue with his cum. Luca shoved back in, my tongue cleaning his shaft, sucking him clean as he pulled back out again. I was gasping as he pulled out of me.“Oh, fuck, that was great,” Luca said. “You’ve got a great talent for sucking cock, Maria.”“The orgasms helped me take all of you,” I panted.. Billy's storyI put the phone down after talking to Kate, Brad couldn't still be there, but then after what she said... If she was telling the truth then... why us? What were they doing? Whoever THEY were?I went to bed, but couldn't get her out of my head, I had touched a breast, I mean a real live breast! I couldn't stand it any longer, my cock was stiff and wouldn't go down, I had to rub it again. I kept picturing Kate pulling her tee-shirt over her head, showing me her breasts allowing me to. The first song we danced finished and next one was a slow one.The black man held me tight against his crotch, putting his both hands on my firm buttocks. He pulled me tight and I could feel his growing cock against my mound as I was grinding my hips on him.I got even wetter, thinking he would take me any place to get laid; but he instead led me to his table and introduced me to his friends.They were two huge black guys as my dancing partner. I sat down with them and had a very nice moment,. I was seated right behind them where I could see his huge cock sliding into what used to be “MY” tight pussy. Each time he withdrew his monster from her it looked like he was pulling her insides out. She was no longer grimacing in pain, she was bucking up to meet his thrust which were coming harder and faster. By the time his huge black balls were bouncing off her ass she was screaming. “Fuck me harder with that Big Black Cock”.I had lost track of how many times she had came and I could tell he.

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