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Completely thrown off balance, I start to fluster a bit and then reach out and hug you close to me, noticing the musicians are laughing at my plight. ...heepishly, I grab your bag and motion you to proceed me. I smirk at the band’s leader and he gives me a wink while laughing at my antics. Once we’re safely away from the band and commotion, I take a moment to enjoy the view while following you. The dress you wear does this tantalizing little _sashay_ thing as you walk, and I find it’s hard to. Be right back.”I hopped up and as I did she watched my tented shorts until I left the room. When I got to the bedroom I dropped my shorts and released my hard cock. I grabbed the tissue box and put it on the bed and started to stroke my tool. I was close when the door opened slowly and Fern stuck her head in. “I saw you head off and I knew what the matter might be.” She closed the door and got straight down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I was close before and within minutes I. It snowed for two and half days solid. People had to abandon their cars on the highways by the hundreds. Thousands never made it home. They ended up in a shelter and power lines were down. Massachusetts and the region were shut down for a week. No driving was allowed and all but food stores closed. I was getting a little worried about my Lady B, but she did say she would leave early. As I’m thinking this, I hear the door open. She parks the car and comes up stairs hanging her coat in the. It was amazing I'd never seen this before, how flagrant it was. I kept silent, but I wanted to know just how much had been going on. Was this just a one-off thing, a moment of madness? So I decided to do some snooping.One day she was out at a lecture and I sat down at our computer and accessed her e-mail. She wasn't massively computer savvy so didn't think that her password would be saved by the browser. It was and I found it easily. I opened up her e-mail and saw the folder immediately.It was.

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