Daring Wife Dances On Song ‘high Rated Gabru’ & Opens Panty On Balcony, Hubby Records

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They replied hahaha fir to pehele hum sab mutenge to he tuje mu mai denge. I said ok…but other havaldar said ki humare ya ha to bathroom nahi hai hu... tere mu mai mutenge…I agreed in no time as i was desperate to suck their cocks..n I was use to it..They peed in my one by one..it was very stinky but i was going wild n was ready to do one thing…one by one they open their pants everybody cocks was very huge n fat near…I licked their cocks one by one for half an hour..They were fucking my mouth n. My husband's cock is this big hard she said. then bent down and kissed it. Just then her phone rang she picked it up and started talking still holding onto my cock.As she talked I reached up and was fondling her big breasts.I would pinch a nipple and she would squeeze my cock and give me a look.I did it again , she would do it again,I finally knew who she was talking to, it was her husband. I was teasing her quietly and having fun when I picked up her toy again.She gave me a look as if to. Placing one knee either side of him, she carefully aligned her inner labia with the tip of his stiffness. She remained deep in concentration and didn’t take her eyes off the point of contact for a second.Slowly moving her hips backward and forward, she brushed her labia gently against the top half of his clothed shaft. Gradually the contact became firmer, the movement increased, and their breathing became heavier. Ali started to lose control of her movement. She was becoming erratic, which was. Once more he sucks on her clit and fingers her tight pussy. Kenny opens her mouth wide, taking John’s ready cock inside and sucking on it softly. She moans and gasps as John continues to pour pleasure on her. She takes his cock deeper into her mouth, gaging softly before coming up for air and doing it again. She sucks harder as she nears an orgasm. John can feel the contractions on his fingers and slows his pace, keeping her teetering on the edge of a wild orgasm. He does this a few times,.

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