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She wiped her mouth from the cum and as I was still hard she sat on the edge of the table and pulled me to her wide open legs and I pushed my two fin...ers in and felt they were wet and dripping so I slipped my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was not as tight as my girlfriend and so it glided in and out which was so beautiful to float in and out of a very wet pussy. So I was able to really fuck her side to side instead of just in and out and she leaned back on her elbow and I saw those pink. " Theofficer glared at me and waited for my reply. "Look, I don't know whatshe's talking about, I don't have any pictures and we made no deals forsex." "So your sure about that Mr.?" "Yes it's the truth, I swear." Ithen watched Karen go over to her purse and pull out her phone. "Youfuckin bastartd let me play something for you!" She then played back arecording from yesterday of me telling her how and when I took thepictures. I was now screwed and my plan was imploding in front of me."Well Miss.. So we were drinking and we been telling each other stories of what has been happening since I moved out and all.At about 10 at night my mother was so drunk she passed out on their room, so it was just me and my dad on the living room with our alcoholic smoothies watching tons of videos of me when I was a baby and growing up, they recorded so much.Since we were kind of drunk, me and my dad been making random comments on each scenes of the videos like we were just buddies and it was awesome."Oh. ” She laughed, drawing Rebecca against her for a hug as they walked. “It is so counter-intuitive as to make your head want to explode, I know. I’m not a mathematician; one could explain it better, I imagine. But mathematicians once proved that airplanes--and bumblebees--couldn’t fly, so anything they say is suspect with me.” She stopped halfway down the passageway and dilated a door. “Look inside, Rebecca.”It was the small, windowless room where she had slept overnight. In the center stood the.

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