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As a result he stayed at home and raised his daughter."When I was twelve Mother divorced my daddy. She got the house and he got me. He said I was wort... ten houses at least."Her first memory of her father touching her sexually was in the bathtub. "I guess I was about four when he started to wash my little pussy extra well. Later he played with it and rubbed it when he put me to bed at night. He would kiss my mouth then kiss my pussy goodnight. It felt real good." Did he ever insist he fondle you. Suddenly they gasped. Now they understood the genius of the material then they started to reach for their check books to invest in this new product. Oscar had not thought to warn her that she would feel as aroused as the men. He dismissed her. She found a vibrator to obtain release. Helping Oscar gave her a sense of confidence. She searched and eventually found a failing production company. After buying the company, she found that the sellers had cooked the books. Oscar offered a loan for a 60%. Afterwards, we were given an opportunity to shit and piss on the ground in a small ditch besides the barn. We were no longer permitted the modesty of considering lady-like ablutions or emissions in private. We were made to call it shit and piss and speak in vulgar terms about our bodies for we were trained to not consider ourselves ladies entitled to such high-born thinking and talk.Any girls who were particularly undisciplined and needed an attitude adjustment would spend a day wallowing in. Jason spotted the tyre tracks that exited the ford.“Right, arrange yourselves along the bank here”, Shaun commanded. The men flopped down behind the three-foot bank that had once been part of the river.“Remember to shoot out the tyres when it comes into view”.They all heard the engine and the crashing of the undergrowth before the truck suddenly appeared from the screen of bushes.The rifles cracked out and the front tyres were blasted flat. The truck veered to one side and flipped over as the.

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