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Ab main waha nanga khada tha aur wo dono mujhe ghoor rahe the. Unme se ek mere paas aaya. Aur mera lund pakad ke bola Dekh hum logo ko jyada kuch nai ...hahiye. Tu bas waisa kar jaisa hum chahte hai aur kuch nai hoga. Main samjh gaya. Wo kya kehna chahte the. Maine poocha Sir boliye kya karna padega? Aur maine use smile paas ki wo apne partner ki taraf mud ke bola “Maine kaha than a ye gandu hai! Aur wapas meri taraf ghuma usne mere sir par hath rakha aur mujhe niche baitha diya. Ab main ghutno. He looked at her as she lay in the back seat of the car, legs sticking out bent at the knees. He let his gaze move up until his eyes reached the point where her tight black dress had bunched up around her hips. He could see the crotch of her thong and just the shape of her mound under it. After all those days seeing her in various skimpy outfits, he couldn’t control himself as he started to walk towards her. He reached where she lay and ran his hand up her thigh, and let out a small chuckle as. ? Then the fingers are gone and she feels themuch larger plug being pushed inside.? Hereyes squeeze tightly shut and she bites her lip to keep from groaning as Masterseats the plug fully inside her, running his hand over the curve of her ass.Master picks up the scarf and tiesit securely around her eyes, the cool fabric soft against her cheeks.? ?Are you ready for more, pet?? Masterasks.? She nods quickly, gratefully as shefeels Master?s hands on her upper arms.? ?Come here, pet.??? She feels. Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me how you want to cum!" Monique was crying, but I could also hear the moans escaping from her chest."That's it slut. You're just a dirty whore. You want to cum, you want me to fuck you and blow in your pussy, tell me." I grabbed for her breasts and took hold. I twisted her nipple till she screamed. I drove the dildo into her, leaving it impaled for a second in her tight hole, then taking it out, so it was almost free. She'd arch her hips, trying.

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