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‘Did you miss me?’ She nods her head, and slides her hand into her shirt, her other hand, under her skirt. ‘Want to play with me and my friend, ...ana?’ Her question shocks me, but it’s to late to answer. The door behind her opens and a lovely, tall oriental woman walks in. Dressed in the same outfit, she smiles as she comes up behind my lovely Desire. She runs her hands down Desire’s front, opening up her shirt for me, revealing her lovely tits. Lana grabs at Desire’s beautiful breasts as she. Spit dripped down her chin onto her perky tits and further down to her cunt which was being brutally slammed into by one of the staff who were enjoying themselves at her expense. A cowgirl which I’m sure my customers will love to ride. I made myself a mental note to buy some new bullwhips and branding irons as well as a wooden horse which Mia would no doubt grow well accustomed to. My thoughts were then rudely interrupted by the commotion being caused by the curvy brunette, Anna. Being tied up. He waited a minute for her to settle down then wiggled them with his hand.She jumped and gasped loudly. Then he let go and watched as they slowly slid out. Just as they reached the end he slid them back in. Now LP was gasping and shaking. 'Do you like them?' asked Mr. Newnen. LP whined and nodded, 'Yeah.' He asked again, 'Do you like them all the way in like that.' Coach pulled them most the way out and quickly shoved them back in. LP was quaking and her hips were jerking, 'Yes.' she. "Have this man whipped for his disrespect and get me the ship's doctor." The captain looked at me and his look was grave and not very welcoming. He glanced at the sailor. "Take her below to her quarters, mate. Lock her in and stand guard by the door. I'll speak with her shortly." Before I could scream the ugly sailor had picked me up and thrown me over his shoulder as though I were nothing but a rag doll. I beat on his back and screamed but he seemed impervious to my feeble attacks. He.

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