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I couldn't tell if I was upset or not, considering I was also hard as a rock. Later the same night, Mary, with her ever persistent sex drive was read... as always to pester me until I agreed to fuck her, as was our nightly routine, was back at it again. Only this time, I was more than ready. Even she noticed my increased enthusiasm, not knowing my mind was racing, wondering what I had seen earlier, and all the things it could mean. At first, she denied it. In fact, she denied it for the first. She told me that she knew that I had sowed my oats but that she still liked to party. She said she would never cheat on me and always be honest with me. She just enjoyed going out with her friends once in awhile.I knew where she was coming from. The few years difference in our age at this time in our lives would make us think a bit differently. I wanted to trust her although at times I had doubts but when I asked my sister about Jess when they went out together, she said she danced with other. "Good, good," he said and then was distracted by a paper on his desk. I couldn't figure out how he could see anything on the desk. There was so much stuff."Maybe, I'm the wrong employee," I suggested. If the store wanted a gay guy then I wasn't who he was looking for."What?" he said startled. He even looked worried. "Oh! You think I'm trying to figure out if you are gay or not. I'm not gay and I never thought you were gay. We're not that kind of shoe store."I didn't think shoes were gay or not. And asked if she want to go back. She said yes. And asked me to drop her back in the main road which is 8kms away to get the bus. She went in to change but her inners wwas not dry. So she wore just the salwar and packed the inners in her bag.she had a light blue salwar. Her boobs where pretty clear thorugh that. My bike is pulsar, while trying to start it, i turned off the engine and tried to start it. So finally came out like the bike has got some complaint. So no way that i can drop her. Its.

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