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We alternated taking the lead. When she was leading I marvelled at the perfect shape of her butt cheeks, which were barely visible beneath the bottom ...f her pack. On one particularly steep portion of the hike she stopped abruptly and my face almost bumped into her round butt. I pretended that nothing had happened, but I inhaled deeply and was rewarded with a whiff of her womanhood.On the next trail break, Ash took off the top layer of clothing and I marvelled at the site of her dark nipples. Uh... Jase... I'm... I'm... a girl."I'll swear to God, you could have knocked me over with a feather. "But... 'Joe'?" I asked.Joe giggled and said, "It's Joella, but I like Jo better."Now Lettie, Wanda, Pris and Tess were giggling too."So, now I guess you want to stand guard while she takes a bath, Jase?" Tess asked.Pris and Lettie cracked up at that and I know I had to have blushed as red as the stripes on a flag.When the girls had quit laughing, they decided that Jo could wait until after. Itsjust Tim. What if there are two Tim's?. What if someone asks me how Iknow him or what I'm there for. Hell I don't know what I'm here for. Istood there at the door for a few minutes. Then the Door opened, a studlyguy walked out with a knockout of a girl. He just looked at me like I wasnot there. Another guy seeing me at the door, asks me what I wanted. Inmy most calm voice I tried to say "Here to see Tim" but my voice showedthe stress I was feeling. The guy laughed and said, "another. And even now would love to see you again, meet Abbie and talk with her for you. Don’t you remember the club Cyn did the books for all those years? Where she took you when you were very young? “All the women there always ask about you and follow your career all these years. Both the strippers and transgender women, as does the owner. They all are so indebted for what your mother did for them over the years. They will never forget her or you.”Tim has visions of being in the dark lite bar.

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