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We slept for some time.Then she woke up after 20 minutes and told me that the fucking session was fantastic. Before starting our second innings, she w...nt to the toilet and came back and sat beside me.I kissed her forehead and lips. Her boobs were slightly reddish color now. My nail marks were all over her boobs.She went to the kitchen and brought some snacks.After we had our snacks, she said she wants to be fucked in her ass as her late husband fucked her more in that hole.I readily agreed and. She couldn’t go back to any of the towns she had visited over the previous three years, nor did she have any desire to do so. She had been almost everywhere between the Rika Chorna river and the northern mountains, with an important exception. She had not yet seen the nation’s capitol, Danubikt Moskt. That would be perfect. She’d travel there as a collared stranger, rely on the hospitality of the Danubian Church, and see all the wonderful sites that city had to offer.The trip into the mountains. Her pantyhose stimulated them and my breasts in such delicious ways. The pleasure shot down to my cunt. This naughty heat rippled through me. I groaned, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of this pleasure. It was wonderful. Incredible to enjoy.I thrust into her with such vigor. I buried into her again and again. My dick throbbed in the grip of her bowels Her flesh massaged me. The wonderful heat slammed down my shaft. I groaned, throwing back my head. My cunt clenched, the juices spilling. She gasped as his tongue first met hers. When his teeth tugged lightly at her lower lip, a surge of heat flooded her vagina. She was trembling with a combination of panic and eagerness.Keith set the lotion aside and slowly descended onto the chaise lounge. He laid beside her, pulled her to his body, and pressed his hard cock against her hip as they deepened their kiss. Lucy's heart was pounding as Keith slid his hand up her leg until he was caressing the firmness of her Venus mound. He touched.

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