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The man had his arm held against his back by one of the women and was being forced to sign a document, while the other woman stood overlooking the sit...ation. The submissive male was dressed in black high heels, black nylon stockings, black panties, and a black corset with garter straps holding up the nylons. His arms were encased in black elbow length gloves and make up was applied to his face. The woman holding his arm tightly in place wore, black thigh high boots, and a one piece black. Brenda started to push the back of my head towards the other man and told me to open my mouth which i did and the other woman guided his cock between my waiting lips,she was wanking him off in my mouth and encouraging him to forcefully fuck my mouth, while this was happening i managed to look between the mans legs and saw Thomas getting undressed he was then behind the other woman talking to her"is this what you wanted Gloria to see your husbands cock being sucked by a young boy"oh yes this is. He would leave his horse at the base of the highest point of rocks and climb to the top to look out over the valleys below.Sky felt as if he were to step off the edge, he would actually soar out from the bluffs as he had seen the eagles do many times, as he sat on his horse in the valley below and looked up.The second time he made the climb to the top of the outcropping, he saw two eagles come swooping in to land, not fifty feet from where he stood.Sky stood as if he were part of the tall rock. If she loved those people, did she have to have sex with them? Lynn had told her that she could create any kind of relationship with anybody in The Circle that she wanted. There was no pressure.But she was putting pressure on herself. She'd watched the unrestrained sex between many members of The Circle, often in groups where the participants switched back and forth among their partners, often with not only love, but laughter.God, the night when a group had gone into the city and then come back.

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