Desi Odia Girl Getting Fucked By Her Boyfriend With Loud Moaning Part 3

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" Sharon nodded. "Well, I gotta run, see you later...Molly." Chapter 9An hour later, there was a knock at the door. Molly peeked through and saw Miranda standing out in the hallway. Molly opened the door. "Hi Miranda. What's up?" Miranda walked inside. "I'm off today and was wondering if youwanted to go grab a cup of coffee." Molly held out her hands and showed off her nails and then pointedto her hair. "Sharon has to bring home the stuff to change me back,". "He hates that I won't kiss him, but that never stops him from enjoying the rest of me."She laughed quietly and said, "I'm not usually a slut, but sometimes I let my fantasies run away with me. You understand."I think I did understand, and I very much appreciated her attitude. I nearly offered her a less committing proposal. Her next words stopped me.She took a deep breath as she tossed me my shirt. It was the only bit of clothing that we hadn't put back on. "But," she said as she exhaled, "we. Right now I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.Maria ReenburgSean’s salty cum tasted amazing as I kissed Mom. Our tongues danced together, passing his spunk back and forth. It was so hot to please him, to be my brother’s slut with Mom. My hands grabbed Mom’s boobs, kneading her tits, digging through her breasts. Her fingers rubbed round my nipples. She pinched them.I shuddered, cum dripping down my face.She had more cum on her, too.I broke the kiss and flicked across her cheek. I lapped. ’‘So, what happened next with this Aki fella?’I blushed and looked away from Shane’s gaze. ‘Shit, Jamie. You didn’t, did you? Tell me you didn’t fuck him?’‘Well, I guess I didn't have much choice.’ Not entirely true, but they didn’t need to know that. ‘Oh, I almost forgot, Aki left something for me with the mamasan.’ I fished out the envelope and opened it. Inside was a thick wad of US Dollars and a small card with Japanese script on one side and English on the other. All it had on it was his.

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