Must Watch-Couple Fucking Hard With Lots Of Moans ,clear Talking ,audio Part 1

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My mother was blonde and looked hotfor a 48 year old widow. There were thick white petticoats under thedress which puffed it up somewhat and my mothe... wore fishnet tightsunderneath and a three inch heel. If she wasn't my mother I woulddefinitely have been trying to chat her up, she was a great piece ofarse.I went for an interview and was excited to notice that the ladies whoworked there were also dressed like Mum. It seemed a dream job.I was offered the job straight away and signed the terms. We were dancing salsa, I could not let go and leave my tent uncovered, she also as a good dancer did not come off me either, I started a slight movement of the hips, where she felt my sex push very close to hers. Three, four, five, six pieces of salsa and our bodies were getting tighter and tighter. She was looking at a random spot behind me and I was doing the same, I felt my body full of sweat under the suit despite the coldness of the room. Without letting myself push my sex against her,. She’s big – leaning towards fat, but in a powerful way, not an obese way. She’s nearly six foot tall and almost two hundred pounds. She looks like I imagine a shield-maiden woulda looked, or a farmer’s wife who could fling hay bales into the loft, or like an athlete who could throw the shot-put downfield. She’s got big tits, a fat ass, and thick thighs. And when she’s stark naked standing in front of you it’s a lot to take in. Mark was openly staring.My wife said, “So Mark … you want to?”“Want. .We did not have to say anything, we just knew the time had arrived...We looked into each other eyes, the eyes always tell the truth.. We had the look.I knew of this beach hut/house hotel, we left the car, we walked hand in hand to the hotel. You stop, pulled me gently back.... We kissedIt was our first, the first of many...I take your face in my hands and kiss your mouth with mine.We were shown to our room, it was a slow walk, the bubbly had to get there before us.....The room is lovely.

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