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? ?How are you, little pony?? ??????????? Sarah wasmildly curious how someone could think she was a pony, but she figured shewould read the profile, a...d see if she could figure out what was going on.? She opened the profile, and was intrigued bythe person?s information.? From the profileshe learned that the PM had come from someone in her state, and even close toher city, but out in the rural farmlands.?The person wasn?t too old for Sarah, so she replied back. ?Oh, I am ok.? But Iam not a. "Mom wants appearances normal. I always cock tease you by the pool! So this is my normal behavior" she laughed at her own joke."Kirsten legally I am 16, so lets cool our jets, ok? I do have a plan I am working on and I will go over it with you in a few days. Just try not to rock the boat too much, so we keep a low profile for now" Ok, spoilsport." We heard mom's car pull out of the driveway as Kirsten spoke.She did not understand tact, and I had to remember she was 18. I applied the lotion to. Little did I know I was getting it sooner than I thought.I looked to my right to see a package delivery guy in a brown truck watching me as we are rolling down the road. I quickly notice that he has his cock out. I told Heberto (my guy on the phone of course) that a guy is riding along next to me watching me stroking my cock and he has his cock out waving at me to pull over. He tells me to find a place to pull over and "take care of him". I had a feeling he might say that. He loved sharing me. Then he motioned for me to pay attention before he stepped to the door to the well and he took a key from his pocket and unlocked this little padlock, set it aside, pulled a board back, and opened it. There it was, light. There in the corner of the well room he had three marijuana plants, the walls were covered in tin foil, and two fluorescent lights powered by a line that ran up some steps and out into the yard somewhere. “Where are you getting the power from?” “Solar,” he said, “my weed is.

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