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I didn't want you to hear that. I wasn't upset at you, or even at Allison. I was upset at myself for not being smart enough to take your offers to re-...ry a serious relationship with you. I've always wanted to but felt I would be dealing from a point of weakness, my fucking ego. But I do know that long term, we probably wouldn't work, I'll never have time for kids and I think you might make a great Dad. Even with our horny interludes, we've always managed to be good friends and confidants. I. As her tongue slipped into my mouth, I greedily sucked on it and began swirling mine around hers. While our tongues were playing in my mouth, she was already unbuckling my belt and pulling down my zipper. When I felt her warm hand wrapping around my dick, I ran the tip of my middle finger back and forth between her slippery pussy lips trying to get it wetter than it already was.When the tip of my finger touched her sensitive little bundle of nerves, I felt her body twitch. Then she pressed her. She placed her wand over her shoulder and paced up and down in front of them.The men in front of her gasped, and she looked around to see what was happening. Kyle had approached the pony and laid his hands upon it. The wound in its shoulder had been bleeding profusely. They watched Kyle glow, and then he removed his hands. He took the bridle and helped the pony to its feet.DT and Gavin approached and picked up Rod. They were carting him off to the medical tent. Lee turned back to Carl and his. "We'll see. Hello, Gloria. Sorry I'm late. I had a few staff issues." Come work for me, boys. I promise I'll only sexually harass you once a week." Gloria opened the door herself for us. "Maybe twice." Gloria, you poach my boys, you know I'm just going to spend more of my time, lounging on your couches and drinking your booze." I chuckled."Oh but that's the point! You know I've just been trying to get you in my clutches since Gray died. Our joint fortunes would be the envy of the club circuit!".

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