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“Oh fuck! I can’t stand it! Oh god! It feels so FUCK-ing good! Dave! Do you hear me? OOOOOOHHHH! Fuck me Shane, you fucking big dick dog! Fuck you...and your little furry friend fuck Oooohhhooooo…nnnnhhhnnnnn IT’S SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!”Jessica’s eyes rolled back into her head as Shane raged into her, his knot building up and stretching her more. Jessica reached up with one hand twisting her right nipple viciously and pulling and stretching it out. Completely lost to anything external around. I haven't seen such passion from a man for my derriere in quite a long time. Your father was the same way when it came to my...uhm, ass."Just hearing her say "butt" and "ass" had my cock growing into granite."He had to have me that way at least three or four times a week. It wasn't easy for me in the beginning to take him back there, but after enough practice, it became almost automatic for me to take your father in that way. Do you understand, Alex?" Wow! I can't believe your telling me this. “Is there some problem?” she asked softly. “This case is a bit… but I’ll cope with it.” “Great, “she said and clicked her pen. She had taken her shoes off – pointed-toe, leather mules, size six. Her feet were dangling limply a few inches off the floor, and looked very small, almost childish. They were not moving at all. I thought that her restlessness was entirely channeled into her hands. I heard the pen click again and smiled. For a moment I peered at the gentle curve of her instep and the. No like I said most of those places are too sleazy, so if you want me to go to a glory hole you had better find a clean one, she laughed. She said I think the message board thing might work. So, we posted a message on a masturbation message board looking for participants in a circle jerk but we omitted the part about her being the center attraction if you will because we both agreed that if we did we would get flooded with responses but not from the type of guys she wanted to entertain and.

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