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Once again he had perfect aim at my prostate, and was relentless as his took advantage, hitting it hard and making his cock bend putting more pressure...on my spot. Once again I was drooling, and it was spilling right onto her pussy, she opened her lips for it to drop into her pussy. When it started flowing onto the seat, she stood up in the chair and kissed it off me, and said "snap out of it buddy" and I looked at her. When she was standing strait up I was looking strait into her tits, she. David worked my breasts slowly, gently, lovingly. He kissed and licked and sucked. "Bite my nipples gently, David. Just use your teeth a little, honey." His sharp, white teeth closed around one nipple, tugging at it, and I gasped. It felt sooo good to have someone's hands on me, touching me, making me feel loved and wanted and desired.David buried his face between my breasts, his arms around around my back. He sat down on my bed and drew me to him, softly kissing and licking the sides of both. I was moaning and begging him to use me."Thank you Papi... Thank you for making me into a pussyboy fuck toy…..I want to be your slut girl...Please use my fuck hole pussy hole. I just want to make you feel good...ooooh....want to take your cum..." That's what a girl is for... to take cum from a real man baby...Now getready for your first load in your pussy...This is what you always wanted."Frank started to hump me faster and held me tight...his hot breath andgroans against my neck. I. She just got up and started removing my shorts. My hard dick was out hitting her cheeks. With a hungry look in her eyes, she started taking my dick in her mouth while maintaining eye contact.Jeez, that was awesome. She would caress my balls and lick me harder. I was feeling the pressure getting built inside me so I asked her to stop. She stopped to ask her hubby to join in and start sucking his dick hard. In the meantime, I was getting inside her thighs and slowly gave some licks and bites.And.

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