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"The first honoured guest is the Prince Habib, the first entrant was Kashiefa," said the Emir as all around held their breaths, especially Prince Habi... who was ever ready to suspect trickery designed to do him down, "but she has qualified for the semi-finals. The next entrant was Vega, and so she will look to the Prince for her public defloration."As he announced this the Emir remembered thinking that Kashiefa wouldn't get far, and realised just how misleading amateur photographs can be.Prince. You'll be lucky if I let you visit Daisy for the next few days." Seriously. How do you feel?" I'm OK." Goddamnit Leslie, don't give me any bullshit. I just got chewed out for hurting you and I don't want any of that phony shit. How do you feel?" I'm sorry. My butt really hurts." How? I know I did some major damage with the ruler. Does it hurt inside, too?" The big thing is the outside. It stings and burns and it's constant. There's nothing I can do. It hurts to rub it, scratching it is totally. The thing is, I still like normal, straight sex. The whole canine thing is a sort of special event. I didn’t want to overdo it. Once I started putting it off, I just never got back to it for quite a while.Now, when I say I enjoy normal straight sex, I should point out that Dana and I have been indulging in a little girl play, if you catch my drift. The thing is I only want to do it with Dana, not with other women in general. I guess that makes me a part time lesbian, since other women don’t. And now is where it really gets interesting. We meet every Wednesday in a nearby city where she works, rent the same motel room and fuck and fuck till we are exhausted. I had mentioned to her in a text message that I would love to film us sucking and fucking and she was into it. So now I take my cams and we take pics of different poses and angles. She loves filming me with my face buried in her pussy and she can cum just filming me doing that. She had never done anal sex before and this.

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