Chennai GF Leaked Scandal

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Steve was laying on his back with just a sheet covering him. I could see Jen’s hand shaking as she slowly lifted the side of the sheet and slid her ...and under the cover and was hovering above Steve’s skin. She held her hand steady there for what seemed like an hour but when he still hadn’t stirred and I was now nodding at her like an idiot, she lowered her hand and I could see her fingers find his flaccid cock under his boxer shorts. She was looking over at me smiling broadly and almost burst. He sticks his cock in my mouth and start sucking him in fast and hard going deeper while the guy behind me keeps pumping his cock deep down my ass going in and out faster and harder he finally let's go and he pushes hard deep inside me and out shoots his warm cum load he keeps shooting load after load my ass filled with warm cum he pullls out and then comes another guy he sticks his cock near my rectum I could feel he was much bigger then the last guy he pushes his cock in and,and in them I. Karthi suddenly touch my thigh on both hands and remove my leg from stuck(karthi vazhaimaram pol iruntha en thodaiyai iru kaiyal thokinan). I got mood up and I need ‘immediately fuck by him’. Suddenly I slipped due to clay, raj catch me. Now I’m in his hand. He gripped my hip and I unfortunately catch those cock. Still karthi catch my thigh. I leave them and continue the work. We come to normal. We did it till 6pm.After that raj take a pipe and flow water on them. I came my legs and thighs are. She stood there with the water running down her magnificent body, thinking about the morning's events. Perhaps, she thought, living alone wasn't all that great. If a person can't lie in bed without someone breaking into their apartment and robbing and raping them, then maybe she shouldn't be living alone.She was confused and troubled as she stood in the shower, washing the jism out of her asshole. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. She stepped out of the shower, and, without bothering to.

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