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Then I sat down on a chair and made bitch sit on me facing awayfrom me and with my hard on straight up her ass.I said"move and you'llpay" and everytim... she moved I made a small shallow cut accross hertits with a short flexible cane.I put her there so I could watch M's skilledwhip hand doing its job.She looked mean.Baby face,blonde hair,tight leatherwith a look of shear hatred in her eyes.I must admit I did not have muchenthusiasm for fucking the bitch,like I said I'm not realy a rapist,. Jan hadtaken her time to think about it but in the end had decided to do what was herdestiny. She didn?t even know what her mistress had chosen for her. When thedoor opened and her mistress stood in front of her to welcome her in, Jan hadfelt tears dwelling in her eyes. Upon entering Jan had to strip naked as a maid-slavetook her clothes and put them in a plastic bag to throw them away later. Themaid-slave wore nothing but a French maid?s apron that was soaking wet becauseof the ring gag that. Her Kol. But after their lovemaking earlier tonight, he'd gotten a strange phone call from his agent and then all but vanished with some vague promise to return in the morning. Whatever had abruptly called Kolkev away in the middle of the night, it clearly was no small thing. It clearly mattered, and Anya was determined to get to the bottom of it. She just…well, she didn't want to confront Kol directly. Not yet. He had been hurt too many times in the past, by people wanting to be close to him. Breakfast again and fucking big mouth Manchester nagged at me again. Thinking back to several of the previous programmes there were some times when individuals were in receipt of my personal one to one attention. Nora had been in Strictly Come Dancing and the ‘sleb’ contestants had personal dance tuition, not from me, so she would have had.Amongst my contacts in the corporation, there’s a chap Jim, I know well, I did his wife Imelda a favour shoehorning, that’s a laugh if you saw Imelda into.

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