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.that was start of my lucky night actually. she asked about me. i told that i m an engineer as well.. she smiled back.. we chatted a little bit then i...lied down properly on my seat so that i can sleep.. dont know y but she also assumed a comfortable pose on that seat.. she placed her feet above and the way she was sitting, her heavy butts were touching my feet.. that was sending a thrill down my body.. i thought of enjoying this thrill a little bit more.. so i moved my foot a little bit more in. "Bill, get this lady some coffee, okay, on my tab, sweetie?"The bartender nodded his consent and moved away. Courtney took the seat next to Quinn and put a comforting hand on her shoulder."Want to talk about it?" Courtney offered."Why would I want to talk to a bimbo stripper about my problems?" Quinn barked."Because I know where you come from," Courtney answered bluntly. "I know a lot about your situation and the kind of business you're in. I wasn't, like, always a bimbo stripper, y'know. You. But as I made my out, Mary recognised me and beckoned me over. She was clearly desperate for someone to talk to, and it became obvious that she was determined to tell me the whole story. I soon learnt that she had waited for her husband at the restaurant for two hours, until finally he had called to tell her that he had worked late and had decided to find somewhere in the city to stay for the night, since he was too tired to come home. He hadn't even mentioned their dinner date - he had. Instead of contemplating my navel, I stared at the ceramic tiles between my bare feet and tried not to throw up and tried to make sense out of the fast forty-eight hours. I held my head between my hands and stared at the bathroom flooring between my toes. I was startled to notice the colony’s toilet paper carried designs that matched the natural floral patterns baked into the enamel squares.In the sport of survivalism, you win if you don’t die. While I was miles away from mastering the tactical.

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