Anjali's Dripping Pussy

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Rufus was fucking her; Rufus was cuckolding him. The bed started to move. Rufus was thrusting inside her. With each thrust came a moan from Carol and...a creaking from the bed springs. He fucked her slowly at first. Hard thrusts but slow ones. Noel felt the bed shake against him with each thrust but he was already shaking inside. Rufus grunted loudly with each thrust into her and Carol cried out. He couldn’t see them but he could feel them and he could picture them in bed behind him. Carol liked. ’ I started the car and began to drive away. ‘Oh, come on.’ She threw her head back. ‘Tell me honestly, was that the best meeting you’ve ever had?’ ‘Shut up,’ I replied, but she knew the true answer. ‘Of course it was, all because your hot little sister played with your dick,’ she smiled, knowing she had me exactly where she wanted me. ‘Just have some fun.’ She reached across to rub my cock, but this time I didn’t stop her. ‘You know this is wrong, ‘Nessa, don’t you?’ ‘But it feels incredibly. We went into the cocktail hour and started to relax with ourfriends Dick and Sally. They looked great by the way. Sally had a longred gown and her hair was perfect. She had long black hair and it fellbeautifully to her shoulders. Dick was some hunk (My Jackie was wayhotter though).All of a sudden I saw the Captain coming towards us and with him he wasbringing Mike Molloy--THE Mike Molloy. My heart was in my throat. Mikecame up and extended his hand to Jackie. After a quick introduction. A young couple found themselves attached at the hips, literally. An elderly woman seemed confused by her new elephant?s trunk. She apparently hadn?t noticed her ears yet. The trunk and the ears were both bright pink. Unfortunately, our drunk appeared to be a sorcerer, or a wizard. He was wearing an electric blue wizard?s robe, apparently inside out, and a pointy hat with moons and stars on it. It was a wizard?s dress uniform, but frankly on first glance, I doubted he was a full wizard. Usually.

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